Common myths about Scandinavian socialism

It is less of a wonder that many people have not only admired but have also considered Scandinavia as a possible  destination. What stands out that makes Scandinavia a darling of many is  their high level of trust in their government as well as in one another. However, there are still some myths regarding Scandinavian socialism which is actually the key topic for this article.

Even if Scandinavians pay comparably higher income tax alongside high cost of living, they never complain. This is because their government knows best how to take care of them by using the revenues. Worries about expenditure on healthcare provision or even schooling are a thing of the past there. They also enjoy safety due to low crime rates. Additionally, concerns such as unemployment are rare.

Moreover, Scandinavia still rates high in gender equality. With the many merits of Scandinavia, individuals and countries have lauded it, thanks to the Nordic model. However, confusion comes about when people mistake the Scandinavian market economy for socialism.

The Source of Scandinavian Happiness

Where does Scandinavia reckon its happiness? This question is frequent among countries that envy and aspire to be like Scandinavia. This is because one of the myths regarding Scandinavian socialism is its happiness. Even some notable U.N associates focus their vision on Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The one outstanding fact behind their happiness is the generous welfare system. Things like universal healthcare, education, and social security are all-smooth.

The main things that make the Scandinavians happy include free education and healthcare. The other things are high priority of life balance and a good functioning democracy. The issues of low unemployment rate and gun violence rate also makes them happy.

Does Socialism exist in Scandinavia?

Several prominent politicians in the U.N. are more than willing to embrace the Scandinavian social democracy. The likes of Sander Bernie and his supporters hail their welfare system and yet still mistake it for socialism. To be precise, what happens in Sweden, Norway, or Denmark is social democracy but not democratic socialism.

First of all, individuals in Scandinavia privately own most of the lucrative productions in their respective countries. And funnily, no government or community is involved in the planning and allocating of such resources if not for the owners. So then, how can Scandinavia be a democratic socialist in such a state?

Again, as much as Scandinavia offers an extensive and generous welfare system, it should not confuse to be socialism. The reason is the government only outsmarts the strategy of working within the framework of the capitalist economy. All it does is impose heavy taxation on individual assets. From such collections and revenues, it diligently works on promoting public welfare. Did you see the trick? Nothing socialism exists at all.

And to wrap it up is the clarity from Mette Frederiksen, the prime minister of Denmark. To address the commonly raised question about Denmark being socialist, she first denied it. And further explained that Denmark is only a market economy with comfortable living standards. In that, government depends on tax and foreign trade through which it channels the revenues to public provision. It is that simple and easy.

Time to embrace the Nordic Global Trade in America and the rest of the World

As mentioned earlier, the Nordic model under which Scandinavian countries operate has made their point of reference worldwide. According to Bernie Sander, his vision for America does not point at China or Venezuela, but Denmark. Apart from its highest ranking in the happiness index, its liberal benefits and safety standards are unparalleled globally.

And that is why Sander and Ocasio-Cortez agree that their policies for an American future resemble the Nordic Model. That very same model has made a ranking for happiness in the Scandinavian countries, and they are acclaimed everywhere. At least things like market management, taxation on the rich, and loyalty to the public provision are worth copying.

Therefore, the black spot in America as a socialist is the fact that they loathe systems in Scandinavia (social democracy). It means they are unlikely to embrace free trade and global capitalism, and neither are they for an extensive welfare state. But as things stand, the poll revealed that the younger generation in America would accept the Nordic way. So at least there is some glimmer of hope for a better place in the future.

Get to know what is inside the Nordic Model

As discussed before, the Scandinavian countries have adopted the Nordic model. Thus, it is important to know what it entails. Through this, you will get to understand some myths regarding Scandinavian socialism. As simple as it looks, its backbone is on strong unions under which specific jobs are placed. That is why you are likely to notice many people in the public working sectors. The associations ensure organized labour that promotes trust, cooperation, and social cohesion among the workers.

The better part that makes Scandinavia peculiar and successful is that it pays the price for social cohesion and safety. Besides, they accept and work with what is best to their knowledge rather than gambling with the unknown. At that, Scandinavian mothers enjoy fully paid maternity leave, and the public acquires universal and free healthcare.

In addition, students can never flee from quality education for the excuse of school fees. It is all paid. Another is a six-week off duty but still payable to all Danish workers. Important of all is their reliance on free-market, where they tax up to thirty percent on capital profit for private wealth. So even if the three countries look so generous to residents, it majors on tax and some tariffs together with foreign trade.