The Best Time to Visit Scandinavia

Do you love traveling? Sorry for asking such a rhetorical question because so many would always like to create new experiences and satisfy their curiosity. There exists no better way to really create fond memories as well as challenge your stereotypes than just to travel around. For those who have always longed to live abroad and really thinking of where to go, Scandinavia could just be that dream destination. It all starts with getting a Schengen visa for whatever reason brings you over. From this, it is all systems go for you to visit Scandinavia if not to live there even  longer.

Coming to Scandinavia means taking a bold step to face new experiences

It need no emphasis that travelling really opens one to a new way of living and thinking outside the box. Scandinavia countries are countries located in northern Europe. Geographically, Scandinavia comprises Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. Additionally, all the Scandinavian nations have several cities and each one of them has its own unique features. Through this article, you will get to know the best time to visit Scandinavia.

Visiting Scandinavia can be one of the best life experiences that you could ever imagine. For instance, cities like Copenhagen and Stockholm have great Viking history. Besides, they have the best museums you can’t afford to miss. Not to forget about the soothing islands with the natural environment.

The Best Time to Visit Scandinavia

An extremely nice holiday is one experienced at perfect timing. All seasons are enjoyable but it depends on a person’s preferences. However, most people are fond of visiting Scandinavia during the summer season.

Summer Seasons

Most people love summer because the geographical location of Scandinavia makes it have more light hours and fewer dark hours. The midnight sun will let you fully enjoy hiking in the Norwegian mountains. The summer seasons normally begin in June and end in August.

A lot of crowds have been noticed in Scandinavia during this time, but it doesn’t mean it’s always congested. Besides, the most school are normally closed and tourist attraction sites are wide open. Therefore, when you and your family are free, why not visit any or all of the Scandinavia nations during summer?

Winter Seasons

The winters are the most daring seasons to visit Scandinavia. Although winter is associated with extreme cold, not all places get as snowy as you might think. Therefore, for some, this is the best time to visit Scandinavia. Winter always begins from December up to February. This means that the whole festive season comes at this time. You can enjoy all the winter sports at this time if that’s what you fancy. However, what’s important is for you not to forget to carry clothes to keep you warm.

If you’re really into a pocket-friendly tour then a winter holiday can help you save a coin. During such a time, the places are less crowded because most people stay indoors. That alone translates into low pricing evident in winter.

Furthermore, you can glare at the northern lights on the horizon as well as the frozen waterfalls. Not to forget about the famous magical fjords in Norway. You should visit if you have time because you will get the best moments.

Spring Seasons

Just a few days after winter comes spring with a better chance of having a glimpse of wild animals. You can spot fairy brown bears in Sweden as they move out of their hibernation. While the blossoming flowers in Denmark can create a nice feeling of freshness, the sight of whales and dolphins in Iceland can also be overwhelming.

Furthermore, spring is always a season of happiness as everything competes to awaken. If you don’t like the crowds in summer, you will definitely enjoy spring. The Spring season is from March to June.

Autumn Seasons

Autumn appears to be a bit chilly with a feeling of summer. Although it’s not well appreciated, Scandinavians cherish it because of the upcoming winter season. When you visit different Scandinavia destinations you will adore the seasonal foods such as apples in Denmark. In addition, most of the plants are withering and the yellow leaves on the grounds can be appealing.

Places you Must Explore When on a Scandinavian Tour

Visiting Scandinavia without the knowledge of where to go for sightseeing can be very boring. Therefore, it’s important for you to have a hint of where exactly you are likely to tour for a fruitful holiday. Here are a few places you should not miss.


Visiting Copenhagen in Denmark can spice up your holiday in numerous ways. In Copenhagen’s, the ancient Tivoli gardens usher you in through the vesterbrogade. This is a dramatic entrance that instils a festive feeling throughout the year. Besides, the gardens will lead you through a village with nice shops and a lake. While there you can enjoy a variety of breathtaking experiences.

From Tivoli, you can take ten minutes to walk to the national museum of Denmark. This is where you’ll learn about the culture and history of Denmark. The city has many other beautiful sceneries, you cannot afford to miss. They include Rosenborg Castle and Christiansborg Palace.


After having a good time in Denmark’s capital, you can exit using a train and see what Stockholm, the capital city of Sweden has in store for you. The 7-hour voyage on the Swedish rail comes with an opportunity to see a lot of sceneries along. Being the largest city in Scandinavia, Stockholm contains 14 islands with at least 50 bridges connecting them.

While in Sweden, you can join other tourists in group sailing trips between the islands. It has a unique open-air museum preserving its culture. Also, the sites are more numerous than you could ever imagine. You just need perfect timing and funds to keep you going.


After visiting Sweden and Denmark, the Norwegian Lofoten Archipelago can be a nice place to discover during your Scandinavian trip. The natural beauty seen through the mountains can make you thirst for hiking sports. You can have a taste of seafood in the fishing villages while you enjoy biking on the cycleways. Its rugged beauty has inspired many painters and authors. Cruising through the Lofoten beaches offers you a better position to view the colourfully painted houses.