Interesting facts about the Norway coastal cruise

Are you looking for a memorable cruise with or without your family in Norway? Look no more. Norway Coastal Cruise is your answer to many of your questions. For over three decades, the Norwegian ship has carried cruise travelers along its coastal line. Several passenger vessels have scheduled for the cruise without many interruptions.

Norway Coastal Cruise comes with excellent experiences from a stunning coastline. It allows the passenger to view some of the most famous natural features globally. Anywhere on Norway’s coastline, whether on top of a mountain, next to the fjords, or in a boat, the landscape is breathtaking. Additionally, the cruise gives you a chance to try Norway’s finest cuisine as per your budget.

How to plan for a Norway Coastal cruise

There are many ships scheduled for cruising service alongside the coastline of Norway. The traditional trip takes 12 days to complete and has departures every day of the year from Bergen to Kirkenes and back to Bergen. Sometimes the voyages offer their passengers considerable packages. For instance, Hurtigruten has provided a few unique itineraries for travelers planning a trip in 2023.

The Hurtigruten offer is to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the route. However, the Hurtigruten line has tight competition from its counterpart, Havila Voyages. Havila has eco-friendly and brand-new ships that have far many great experiences and comfort. Havila voyages sail through fjords, in the northern light and the midnight sun giving the passengers a unique experience altogether.

While Hurtigruten Voyages represent the past with pleasant memories, Havila voyages speak of the future. Planning for the cruise is not an uphill while dealing with two competitive lines.  Sailings are usually from May to September, however, to get the most experience, it is better to sail from June to August. This is whereby the season is at its peak with pleasant weather and great experiences.

What is interesting about Norway Coastal Cruise

Both the Hurtigruten and Havila voyages are not cruise ships. However, many passengers refer to them as cruise ships because of the experience they offer. The Hurtigruten ships’ comparison is to the cruise ferries that ferry people between countries. Unlike other cruises, the Norwegian Coastal cruise has daily departures with more than one cruise per day.

These ships work together to transport not only people but cargo to over 34 ports on the route. In between the small ports is a distance of 15-20 minutes. The ships will then load or unload their cargo and give the local passengers a chance to explore the smaller ports. Exploring larger ports like Lesund, Trondheim, and Tromsø takes a little bit longer than it is with regular cruise lines for round trip cruise passengers.

Choosing between Havila and Hurtigruten Voyages

Hurtigruten is a famous brand. Being in the business for over three decades comes with a loss of experience and great customer service. However, as a passenger, it is better to consider Havilla for many reasons. First, Havila voyages are one of the latest cruises with upgraded technology and skills. These voyages are capable of sailing for hours with battery power.

Secondly, these voyages give their passengers a chance to sail in historic waters. With Havila, the passenger has a chance to sail through fjords having a unique experience at that. However, for those with concern about the impact of cruise ships on the environment, you may consider Hurtigruten. This voyage has the plan to introduce zero-emission vessels as their vision for 2030.

Unique Cuisine

One of the best experiences that any sailor will enjoy on the Norway Coastal Cruise is their delectable dining. With cruise ships, there is no limitation to what you can eat.  The chefs work with local ingredients to build menus around traditional delicacies. Their dishes are fresh and the menu is inclusive with the fare hence affordable.

Are you a vegan, or vegetarian or have allergies to some foods?  Worry not, because you will find it on their menu. Most Norwegians often feast on fish and meat. Nevertheless, cruise chefs make special menus for people with different tastes according to their budgets.

What to expect from Norway Coastal Cruise

There’s a lot to expect from this trip.  Here are numerous stunning landscapes and a cruise ship puts you in a great position to enjoy the scenery as much as possible. Therefore, expect to take as many photos as your heart desires.

Secondly, you will see auroras. With a ship cruise, it is a guarantee to experience dark skies, cloudy skies, and aurora activity. Some mystical creations such as the Northern Lights are present between March and October.  One must be on a cruise headed North to experience this view. For this mission, it is best to book the five-star Hurtigruten voyages.

The passenger must also expect to experience Midnight sun from their balcony. Norway is so famous for this wonderful phenomenon. The midnight sun is not like the regular daytime sun, it’s simply mesmerizing. However, the season for this sun varies with the location of the cruise ship.

Norway Coastal Cruise works for kids and the disabled

There are numerous challenges that people with disabilities and parents with children face while traveling. These cruises make it easy for one to travel with kids and disabled people. These cruise ships are capable of accommodating any mobility aid such as wheelchairs. On the other hand, some ships such as Royal Caribbean are child-friendly as they come with tokens for kids to enjoy.