Connecting your Scandinavian trip by Scandinavian Airlines

Something amazing about holding a Schengen visa for any one of the schengen countries gives you a pass to enter any of the European countries. No wonder the visa is so coveted. But with the vastness of Europe, it becomes hectic and not so easy for anyone to move from Eastern Europe to central, western and northern Europe. While there exists so many means of transport connecting Europe including trains, highways and airports. When you enter the Scandinavian region, you get into one of the areas in continental Europe that operates in a near similar way and the Scandinavian Airlines serves right to bring you to any of the countries there.

Scandinavian airlines off into the airspace

Given the swift and the current great aviation industry, traveling by air has become a liking of many. It is less of a surprise the number of flights that move in and outside Scandinavia. Most of the aircraft majorly drop tourists during summer. Through this article, you will get to know everything about Scandinavian Airlines.

Scandinavian has some of the best of attractions

Furthermore, you need to be reminded of the numerous hidden gems that everyone wants to catch a glimpse of in Scandinavia. Besides, you can read here to get the best attractions sites in Scandinavia. You will really have fun moments.

Among the many flights in Scandinavia, none is to compare to SAS when it comes to going around Scandinavia. Apart from being quick, it offers hassle-free travel with a great experience while on board. Besides, it is amazing the many trips SAS makes to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark airports daily.

It is never a point for debate that Scandinavians travel a lot. In fact, you are likely to notice 90% of Scandinavian passengers filling those flight seats daily. The reason is, they are free to move, work and settle anywhere within the Nordic region, courtesy of the Nordic model. Let me give a short brief about why Scandinavians feel more like it to travel via SAS.

Why Do Many Scandinavians Choose Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Flights to Go Around?

After the Corona pandemic and the Ukrainian war, the Scandinavian economy was greatly shaken to the core. Even though the locals still claim high living standards, the prices of everything are on the rooftop. With the cheap ticket rates that SAS offer, they run for it to at least, save some good amount for another expense.

With the various SAS departure points situated in all three countries, traveling by SAS flights has become so convenient and reachable. Just to single out its major hubs situated in the cities of Oslo, Copenhagen, and Stockholm. But there are many other SAS airports in other smaller towns.

If you are set to travel but not sure of your destination, let SAS’ eDream inspire you. It provides an array of Scandinavian Airline deals and destinations that will wow and direct you. Even if you want, to board a flight that is timely and with that comfy feeling, SAS never disappoints.

Your bad mood will disappear too the moment you meet its amazing working team. Apart from their great positive attitude, SAS personnel are ever smiling as they serve you. How will you even resist such a warm welcome that enlightens your spirit throughout the journey?

Luggage Handling

The way SAS handles your luggage, be it on the ground or air cargo, is just on another level. If you read the comments of travelers who have ever used it, you will realize less to no property loss. Still, if a property gets damaged or lost, SAS compensates.

Flight Booking

Even the way you can book your flight online and reserve a seat is just perfect. Them that use SAS Gold tickets can earn a bonus in exchange for other benefits like a lounge, hotel, and others. The greatest kick-butt of all is the humane treatment of passengers, let’s see how.

Know about Humane Treatment of Scandinavian Airlines Passengers While on Board

SAS knows a few tricks for taking good care of their travelers. At least certain groups of people are treated with specialty given their condition or age as seen below,


As long as you plan to travel alongside a kid or kids, you must first book an air ticket for them. For a kid aged 2 to 11 years, you can carry it on your lap. In case of two or more, you will need to book them a seat next to you, and fasten their seat belt too. For infants below 9 years, you are free to book a cradle early enough because they are limited in numbers. Over and above, contacting SAS customer care to acknowledge an accompanying child beforehand is crucial.

Disabled persons

You can always contact to inform SAS customer care of your disability. All you will do is explain the kind of assistance you may require before or while on board. For instance, the case of reduced mobility calls for a wheelchair for movement probably from the gate to the cabin.

Expectant women

Pregnant women too can fly via SAS, though they must produce an MEDC certificate. If pregnant with one child, you are allowed to board only four weeks earlier before delivery. For cases of pregnancy with two or more kids, it is prudent to plan the journey 12 weeks before delivery. As long as you are pregnant, you cannot travel for more than four hours. It is also important to know what you need to qualify for SAS travel.

Key Requirements for Your Scandinavian Flight Journey

Although requirements differ from all three countries, checking before the journey is wise. Just to outline, a few documents that seem so obvious is a valid national card, air ticket, and passport. If you traveled in the company of children below 18 years, inquire earlier if they need passports too. Importantly, check for recent updates before you place a booking order it saves on little embarrassment and denied board.

Do You Want to Know whether Scandinavian Airlines allow passengers to travel with pets?

Yes, in fact, you can bring your dog or cat to the cabin. Besides, those with pets other than cats or dogs should know they are shipped as cargo. In order to qualify for a travel with your pet, the maximum weight of the carrier bag plus the pet must be at most 8kgs.