The Sami indigenous people in Scandinavia

Any keen person will know that the global agenda has in the recent decade shifted towards sustainable development, rights of the indigenous people, climate change, circular economy and such. In fact, at the heart of the UN charter is a need to guarantee the rights of and protect the indigenous … Read more

Sustainable Scandinavian Fashion Brands

For simplicity, timelessness, and harmonious aesthetics, Scandinavia is the place. Being an eco-conservative society, expect zero regrets when shopping there. Surely, you will purchase quality, stylish, and eco-friendly textiles the world offers. Moreover, it is less of a relief that the fashion industry is now concerned about the climate crisis … Read more

Denmark, the Home of the First Woman-Led Mosque

Europe has always been on the spot for what critics argue is islamophobia and anti-semiticism. In fact, cases of subtle or even aggressive approach to Muslims have attracted public outrage in the past. The story of the Muslims have always been a struggle to get equal treatment and respect of … Read more