Common myths about Scandinavian socialism

It is less of a wonder that many people have not only admired but have also considered Scandinavia as a possible  destination. What stands out that makes Scandinavia a darling of many is  their high level of trust in their government as well as in one another. However, there are … Read more

Nature and Experience Working in Norway

One thing that can earn respect for expatriates in their motherland is the simple mentioning of ‘I work in Norway.’ This phrase conjures up thoughts of prosperity, great incomes, wealth and a general great workplace experience which so many can only envy. People will not only admire you, but they will … Read more

Record-setting gender equality in Scandinavia

The United Nations deliberately put Gender Equality as a sustainable development goal number 5 for all good reasons. While the rest of the world still just strive to attain gender parity across the social-economic spectrum, Scandinavia already provides a great benchmark as women take prominent lead in so many sectors. … Read more

Scandinavia during the Second World War

What we today know as Scandinavia has been time tested through some of the most troubling happenings in the past. One of such tumultuous historical realities is the Second World War that wrecked great havoc throughout the region. Today, you walk through the West coast of Jutland, Denmark in places … Read more