A close look at  the classic Høst Restaurant, Copenhagen

Copenhagen city bustles with great eateries which guests  are welcome to make a place of call for the best menu and finger liking dishes. To wind it up, those who cherish drinking can also get to sample some of the tasty throat clearing drinks. People coming to Denmark and Copenhagen specifically will be curious to learn more  about the city but still, it makes a lot of sense to know about a place to unwind after a busy day. This is exactly the need that Høst Restaurant comes in to meet for those who cherish exotic, professionally prepared meals and served with much love. 

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Taste the meal courses at Høst Restaurant, Copenhagen. Its so lovely

The beauty and attractiveness of Copenhagen is not solely in its magnificent buildings and incredible transport systems. Those who have had a rare chance of visiting Copenhagen on a business trip or longer stay know how important restaurants can be. The bustling city life can be too much that cooling off over a drink or sumptuous meal offers an opportunity for one to just reconnect with self if not with  others around. 

Copenhagen offerings to its Visitors and residents 

Indeed if there is an aspect of experiences that people coming to Copenhagen can’t miss to remember then it’s the great culinary diversity, hospitality and dining. These excellent offerings go hand in hand with the many attractions for locals and foreigners including water parks or the Parliament (Folketing) at Christiansborg, the town will keep you quite busy and entertained. Similarly, it offers an amazing and unique café culture. 

For the most relaxed city in Europe, Copenhagen has proven to be a major cultural centre in Denmark and even Europe. This is reflected in most of its establishments as well. One such place is Høst restaurant located in a classic Copenhagen property on the corner of Nørre Farimagsgade and Ahlefeldtsgade

Pool dining with friends, family or relatives at Høst Restaurant, Copenhagen

It is the perfect place to enjoy Danish and Scandinavian cuisines after a long day at work or if you are from visiting Oerstedsparken. The restaurant is a rather romantic spot too. So, you can book a table to celebrate your anniversary or propose to your partner. The only disadvantage is that they don’t offer outdoor seating. Otherwise, you can enjoy perfectly cooked flounder, amuse bouches and scallops.

An Overview of Høst Restaurant, Copenhagen 

The restaurant’s name is inspired by the Danish word Høst which means harvest. The dishes from this restaurant are prepared using various and the best seasonal ingredients in Denmark. So, you can expect to have a creative, innovative and tasty meal at the establishment. Besides, it’s also a part of Cofoco, or the Copenhagen Food Collective. 

As a popular joint in the city, it is better to make reservations before visiting Høst Restaurant . Thankfully, they accept reservations for two main shifts. The first shift begins between 5:30 pm and 6:30pm, while the second one is between 8:15 and 9:15pm. Hence, you can select the most convenient one for you. 

Another interesting thing about the restaurant is its design and overall décor. You will notice that its rooms are decorated in a raw style with recycled wood, granite, concrete and zinc. The chairs and benches on the other hand, are decorated with plaids and lambskin. They give it a cosy and comfortable ambience that makes the food even more enjoyable. The Nordic design was created by Norm Architects and has won two highly prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. It also sets the restaurant apart from other restaurants in the city.

Høst Restaurant luxurious yet affordable menu for guests

The restaurant serves both Danish and Scandinavian cuisines. Its menu consists of a tasting menu of 3 or 5 courses. Although subject to changes in future, the 3 courses option goes for 395 DKK while the 5 courses cost 495 DKK. It also comes with a wine pairing of 295 DKK and 400 DKK respectively. The restaurant allows the customers to choose between the two.

While there is no doubt the food is both tasty and innovative, the portions can be rather small. So, chances are you will still be hungry after the main course. On the bright side, you can always ask for more bread or something else. Some customers have also complained of slow services at the restaurant. 

Some popular desserts at Host include their delicious caramel ice cream, chocolate custard and petit fours. Many customers also recommend their great collection of aperitif wine, beer and gin. Other drinks served at Host restaurant include incredible apple juice, chocolate frappe or tonic. Other popular meals at the restaurant are lobster, beef or Danish cheese from the coast of the North Sea.

How guests can access Høst Restaurant 

People who have visited some of the best hotels and mind consider quite a few things to influence their choice of restaurant or hotel bookings know how accessibility matters. Nobody wishes to check into a restaurant or hotel that is far difficult to reach. If asked, most people will agree that the best hotel should be within driving radius and within a conducive environment for a great hospitality experience. To a great extent,  Høst Restaurant meets this bill but with a little yet sensitive exemption-inaccessibility by the handicapped on wheelchairs.

In a day and age when equal opportunities and inclusivity is a hot topic, a beautiful hotel that flies in the league of best dining spaces needs to mainstream the two in its design. Unfortunately the beautifully designed and amazing décor, Høst Restaurant, is not very accessible by wheelchair users. This overlook  should be something for the restaurant to work on with speed. 

You will notice that the entrance is very narrow. Similarly, it has a staircase and there are more stairs inside the restaurant. Furthermore, there is no wheelchair accessible restroom at the establishment.

However, it is conveniently located in central Copenhagen so it provides access to both locals and foreigners. The democratic prices also ensure that most people can afford their services and meals. Furthermore, they have a courteous staff with a keen attention to detail so you can expect personalized treatment. 

The negatives of Høst Restaurant 

Another downside to this restaurant is that they don’t offer takeaway and delivery services. This plus the lack of outdoor seating makes it very rigid for those who prefer nature and eating from the comfort of their homes. However, the spectacular interior design should keep you occupied as you enjoy your meal. It has exposed brick walls and Danish mid-century furniture designs. According to their website, it is to echo the kitchens’ ability to mix the minimalist and the idyllic.

On the bright side, the restaurant accepts credit card payment, so you might find it convenient to pay your bill at the end of your meal. Similarly, it has parking, which is a plus in a large city such as Copenhagen. 

It also has adequate space so you can celebrate your wedding or birthday party comfortably. The cosy and quiet atmosphere will ensure you enjoy your day in a relaxed mood. It opens from 5:30 pm to 12 a.m. from Monday to Sunday. This offers you flexibility since you can choose any convenient day to visit the restaurant.