Must visit places when traveling across Sweden

If you want to indulge in the best Scandinavian lifestyle and enjoy its incredible attractions, visit Sweden. You will not only fall in love with the spectacular landscapes but also the vibrant cityscapes. Sweden is one of those countries that receive a huge number of visitors each year. Also, there are specific places you should visit when you travel in Sweden to get to know the country more.

Always termed as the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden is truly an intriguing country. As an avid traveler, you will find everything you would love in this large Nordic country. It should definitely top your list of Scandinavian destinations.

Sweden is a majestic country that when you visit you will not want to leave. It has some of the most amazing picturesque landscapes. The views you will have in Sweden are incomparable not just in Scandinavia but worldwide. The beauty in Sweden is extremely adventurous.

Places to visit in Sweden

If you are an avid traveler, you will really love visiting Sweden. You will enjoy the Scandinavian beauty. To make your visit interesting and exciting, here are the best places you should visit when in Sweden.


In the whole of Scandinavia, Stockholm is most admired. This capital city of Sweden boasts top-notch attractions and stunning green parks. Stockholm is the largest city in Scandinavia sitting on 14 islands. The Vasa Museum in Stockholm is the most toured.

Stockholm will not eat into your budget. Thanks to free admission to not less than fifteen museums. While in this capital city, don’t forget to visit Modern Art Museum, City Hall, and the Royal Palace.


You will find Gothenburg near the Atlantic Ocean right, by the western coast of Sweden. This paradisiacal destination vibrates pretty high. You will love the urban embellishments, friendly people, and out-of-this-world restaurants. You will notice that Gothenburg is the second-largest Swedish city though it is small in terms of area.

What sets Gothenburg apart is its natural beauty. You will have the most amazing and clear view of the Gulf stream while in this city. In addition, do not fail to partake in the city’s seafood collections. You will also love Gothenburg’s weather which is pretty warm with a temperature of about 21°C.

Lake Siljan

You cannot tour Sweden and not visit Lake Silijan. During summer, especially the commencement of July, there are a series of events and concerts by the lake. Commonly known as Musik vid Siljan, these concerts attract huge crowds that are lovers of music.

Many tourists love the beautiful natural surroundings around Lake Silijan. They also love the many activities that are friendly to everyone both adults and children. This is an amazing place to be as you enjoy stunning panoramic views from the lake. Orsa Grönklitt which is to the north of Lake Siljan is one of those places you should visit because it is Europe’s largest park for predators.

Swedish Lapland

If you love the world and thrilling adventure, Swedish Lapland is the place to be. Many people refer to Swedish Lapland as an authentic wilderness area. Just so you know, this is where you will find the Northern Lights and the midnight sun. it is truly the best adventurous place in Sweden.

You will learn of the indigenous Sami once you visit Swedish Lapland. The Sami have a rich history that you will love to indulge in. Apart from that, you will also discover the remote and spectacular wilderness that comes with countless lakes. Also, Lapland is the number one place for hikers, lovers of wildlife, and canoers.

Kosterhavet National Park

Are you interested in observing marine lines in protected conditions? Make your way to Kosterhavet National Park. Bordering Norway, this park is the country’s very first marine national park. You will discover 6,000 marine life species in this park.

Kosterhavet National Park is home to unique and rare species that are not found anywhere else in Sweden. Snorkelers and divers love Kosterhavet’s coral reefs making the place pretty popular. The Koster trench is also present in this park and it connects all the way to continental slopes in North Atlantic Sea.


Gotland is Sweden’s largest island. This is where a good number of Swedes disappear during summer. Located in the Baltic, Gotland is the real definition of paradise. It is home to the best and most amazing weather in the whole of Sweden. Wouldn’t you love to spend your summer in Gotland?

What makes this laid-back paradise extremely popular is the stunning sandy beaches. They are simply exotic, to say the least. Gotland has dense forests hence perfect for both hikers and cyclers. There is so much to explore in Gotland from spectacular caves, and stunning gardens to bizarre rock formations.

The Icehotel

Sweden is home to the best of the best without a doubt. The Icehotel is one of the best creations you will find in Sweden. This hotel based in the village of Jukkasjärvi offers what you can term as an ultimate Arctic holiday. The icehotel design is out of ice and snow. Once you step into the hotel, you will think you have made your way into a Disney film.

The experience in this hotel is incomparable. The rooms are custom designed such that none is similar to the other. How amazing! Do not worry about getting cold because you will keep extremely warm in sleeping bags designed with warm animal furs. While you are at the Icehotel, you will have the best view of the northern lights. There is no better place you would rather be than in this amazing hotel.